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16 thoughts on “Sketch from request

  1. Excellent Work! Keep up the great art work and great themes.
    Can you draw a picture of white hubby tied to a chair, gagged, looking
    at his sexy white wife as she’s being ravaged by three Black Bulls.
    She should have a collar on and a chain around her neck.
    Don’t forget the wedding rings and wedding photo on the wall.

  2. THANKS WANNABE, really great picture, exactly as i requested. I hope this will get to be real picture. I think this embrases, all what serving blackmen is about, and we whites deserve to have done to them by our black masters. ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU

  3. Hi again Wannabe. I cant help but keep coming back to this page and get excited, (cant jerk as im caged). If you have time and want to do a nother picture from this picture.
    The difference would be Master standing in middle with big smile on his face Husband on left, and with his head bowed to the ground and masters left foot planted hard on wimp cucked husbands head/ neck. Wife still kneeling with garter belt on and smiling , but have her belly hugely big as she is 9 months pregnant with black masters twin black babies. In background have the white couples parents naked and worshipping black master too.
    Hope you can help, and find doing these requests fun and not a burden. once again thank you

  4. It looks like there’s a line for requests!
    Great drawings! Keep up the good work!
    There’s a high demand for such drawings –
    this type of art can be a goldmine!

  5. It seems as though there’s a line forming for requests of this art form –
    which is no surprise – they’re great!
    Keep up the good work!
    This art form, and theme, could be a financial goldmine!

  6. Great picture with lots of meaning. It seems to me that we are witnessing a sort of revolution comparable to the emancipation of slaves in 19th century. Now the white male is losing dominance not by nuclear weapons or financial power but by his women, in ever greater numbers, discovering the joys and ecstasies to be enjoyed by sex with black men. This naturally will lead to more and more white women having black men’s babies and already this is showing itself on the streets and is becoming ever more socially acceptable. For me my first black encounter was only a couple of years ago and happened very suddenly like a summer storm but left me with a memory I’ll never lose.My husband and I had enjoyed a holiday in Gambia and it was on the very last day, almost the last hour. We had spent up all our local money, were packed and killing time waiting for the airport bus. Oppositte the hotel was a small local market selling touristy carvings and the like and we went to it browsing. around the small shops. We were in one such shop and I was chatting to the shopkeeper and my husband got a bit bored and said he was going back to the hotel to read. He had barely gone when the shopkeeper said he’d like to give me a present in exchange for a kiss. He was an attractive man and I immediately agreed to his proposition. He let me choose a couple of little baubles and then drew me to him for the kiss I owed having first led me to a secluded corner of the shop. I was quite excited by then and happily presses against him as our lips and tongues met. Feeling his body hard against me and his erect penis clearly felt through our clothes I soon lost control of myself and we were engulfed in our urgent passion. For the next five or ten minutes as he thrust inside me I enjoyed the most fantastic thrills I have ever known and clung to him until finally I felt his semen being shot up into me. I had to return to the hotel and found my husband reading in the garden outside our cabin. I was still on cloud nine and showed my husband to two baubles I had and that I had sold my body for them and was now a prostitute. My husband was too stunned to say anything but half an hour before I had been an obedient wife and now had become a BMW (and I don’t mean an automobile) and didn’t really worry too much what he thought.

    1. Hi Mel, We went again to the Gambia for a second time, and I had resolved to be a good gir and keep away from that shop.However we went on a bird watching trip for a full day in a nature reserve. There was only a small party of us and it was quite a lot of walking. Afer a bit I found myself at the front with one of the guides and the others were trailing behind with the other guide. I don’t know if you have ever been bird watchiing but it often involves the guide (they ar good at spotting birds in the trees) standing very close behind you to point you in the right direction. He was soon pressing against me whenever he saw a new sighting and I found I was pushing back against him. The others were never too far behind so they were very brief encounters but then we moved further ahead and the guide led me into quite a thicket of bush where we could see the track behind but well hidden. He made no pretence of seeing a bird but pressed against me and I just stood and enjoyed the sensations as he fondled my body. He whispered in my ear to meet him at the back of the cafe/toilet block when we returned to base camp, as there would be a meal laid out if I could get away for a while. We got back to the camp not long after that and there were a lot of other people around and a large cold meal laid out. I told my husband that I had a stomach ache and had to go to the toilet and may be a while. I went round the back of the toilet block and the guide met me and led me to another door. There was a little cabin with a bed and wash basin.possibly for a watchman perhaps. Anyway he locked the door behind us and we kissed. he wanted to go immediately but I wanted us to both be naked and so we stripped off and I then went to the bed .He was huge but it was lovely to feel and see his black body against my white and then I opened my legs wide to allow him in. It was tight but he went all the way. It was marvellous I had to bite his neck and dig my nails into him to stop making a noise as he lifted me to an ecstacy never known before. i didn’t want him to ever stop. When we did finish I had to tidy up a bit and calm myself down before going outside again to the food table and my husband who was very concerned about my stomach ache and didn’t suspect anything untoward. Now I crave more of course.

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