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Start going out with white boys again?

Hmmm…start going out with white boys again? Let’s see….


Sorry, white bois, but black men are just too hot to give up.

I mean, the dick alone would be enough to keep me on Team Black Boys!

But, don’t worry, I have plenty of men to take care of me.

I mean, first it’s racist to assume that one of my black boyfriends wouldn’t be able to take care of me,

second it’s sexist to assume that I won’t be able to take care of myself, and third I already have several white boys slaving away for me and giving me all of their money, so I think I’m set.

What? Why do they give me their money?

Well, when a woman has the keys to your chastity belt you kinda do whatever she says, now don’t you?

Besides, they’re all so desperate for a little bit of attention, they’d probably give me anything I want anyway even if I didn’t have them by the balls!

Now stop bugging me about this or I’ll put you in a chastity belt too. Believe me, with all the big black cock mom’s getting she won’t mind if I add you to my keyring.
Start going out with white boys againStart going out with white boys again

3 thoughts on “Start going out with white boys again?

  1. I think iv seen this video and its great. shes looking up and talking to her boy friend. and she says I love you and asks if hes ok when shes getting drilled. very hot!

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