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Superior Black man

I watched as her black Bull thrust his big black into my wife’s wet cunt! She shook in pleasure as he deeply manipulated her pussy into crashing orgasms, one after another! As I reveled in the
beauty of my wife receiving pleasure from , well, a superior Black man, I felt like I was the luckiest guy on the planet that my wife would allow me to witness her receiving such pleasure! I also marveled at the jewelry she wore, all bought my me, all very expensive. It complimented her body, making her look more exotic! And her shoes, waved wildly as her legs attempted to prevent this black stud from escaping until he gave her his Final act of love. He, too, looked down, obviously enjoying the sight of what he was doing to her body! I only hoped that this show would go on for awhile!! If I was in his place, it would have been over already…Superior Black man

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3 thoughts on “Superior Black man

  1. Very nice. My wifes young Black lover beats me up before taking my wife. Much to her delight. He is sooo strong and only 19 years old but clearly he is superior to me. As my wife reminds me. I love sucking him.

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