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Superior Black Masters – interracial sex stories

Those black savagez. I hate them, but honey, I don’t know why my body craves them. I am not doing anything. I’m hypnotized by those black gods.
How often has a racist white man heard this paradoxical statement from his wife.

Body odor or natural scent (not contaminated by artificial scents) is more important when it comes to attraction than most people realize. Scientists investigating the snowballing interracial phenomenon, or specifically the black man-white woman attraction, found out that when visual attractiveness contracts information gathered by the sense of smell, both black men and white women tend to ignore visual attractiveness and go for body odor.

Information about a man or woman gathered by the nose (smell sense), unlike information gathered by the senses of sight and sound, appeals directly to our unconscious mind without first being filtered, analyzed and completely screwed up by the rational brain trained by society.

In other words, a white man may not think of a black man as attractive, but a white woman sees a black man as intensely arresting, the alpha male who appeals directly to her primal mind. She is perplexed trying to explain it to herself or her man. So, she hides it and goes along with her white man’s racizt agenda, while bizarrely fantasizing about a black man, when in bed with her white man.

In the course of their daily routines, when a black man and white woman unwittingly bring their sweaty armpits within a few sniffs of each other’s nostrils, suddenly they have this “thing” because their primal mind has been tapped into. She drops all her daily worries and finds herself in this awkward private sexual moment, unchained from the shackles of society, with this spellbinding black stranger that she has been told to keep away from.

It’s like nature ordering the white Eve to be one with her black Adam.

A liberal white woman is one who listens to this moment, and drops her white husband and kidz in favor of her transcendental purpose of becoming one with her black master.Superior Black Masters

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3 thoughts on “Superior Black Masters – interracial sex stories

  1. So true – in other words, the strongest attraction and
    most natural sex is between a black man and a white
    Fortunately more and more white women are no longer
    denying themselves of this fact (and pleasure) – and white
    guys, like me, are accepting of this fact and understand that
    the best thing for a white marriage is for the wife to go black
    so she can finally be happy and satisfied.
    This is why we whites owe so much to the black bulls who
    are kind enough to satisfy our wives and girlfriends.

  2. That’s a helluva psycho-sexual explanation. But it’s the most informative thing I’ve heard to explain why my 27 yo beautiful white girlfriend became the shameless slut of a 52 yo horny black geezer. (Of course, he did have a huge dick to go along with it.)

  3. My wife of 30 years has made serious comments about being owned by a black couple.not just sexual, but full on 100% OWNED.

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