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Housewie and BBC on her Kitchen

When we took in a lodger my cuckold wife was flirting with him the day he moved in. Two days later I spotted a used condom in the bin and two days after that I found cum stains that I wasn’t responsible for on our bed sheets. Now just three weeks later I have to knock before oing into a room in case they’re fucking. On the up side I haven’t found anymore condoms.

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Tears of an erection

I found this on my girlfriend’s computer.

No, not just my girlfriend. Let me help you porn fiends understand.
This is the women I’ve loved my entire life. The one I took to senior prom. The woman I changed degree’s and colleges to live in PHX with. The woman I have an engagement ring on layaway for. I know this had to take place after Valentine’s Day of last year. I got her that corset!

I don’t know who the fuck is filming? What type of drugs or alcohol someone’s got her on?
I thought she seemed less attentive or even less pleased with my love making for her. This explains a lot. I know it’s hot to watch, but it’s really abuse to her body.

IS that truly true about a woman having "soul fucked" beyond come back? That seems like my insecurities trying to scare me. She’s mine.

the worst problem is I cannot stop masturbating to the thoughts running through my brain. I’m severely hurt. I called out from work even. But cannot tear away and am too scared to leave her side.

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