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Bavarian white slut wife desires to be black gangbanged

Hi. I’m a 52 y.o. married woman from Parkstein, mother of 2 with a good professional job. My husband and I have a dream, we would like to let a couple of BBC US soldiers who are stationed in Grafenwohr really fuck me.
So I started to watch interracial porn films and videos while I masturbated and cum like a slut. Soon I began to fantasize with all those big black cocks imagining how they would fuck me from every hole without mercy. Next step was to buy a big black dildo and fuck my pussy and ass with it while I closed my eyes and thought that I was being fucked wildly by a big black bull. Now I think that I’m finally ready for the last step: to become a real BBC whore. I want to be blacked my husband’s would make films and photos of it for us, would please me more than doing a gangbang with a lot of big black men, all of them taking turns to fuck my mouth, pussy and ass and, after that, filling me with their black seed!! I love oral sex (I think that I’m a great cocksucker and, yes, I swallow it all, too) and facial cumshots (there’s nothing like the feeling of hot, sticky, creamy sperm running down my face, lips and chin). I love anal sex, too!! I’m eager to feel a big black cock pounding hard into my big round ass!!! What do you think? Am I really prepared for that last step? Any volunteers??

Bavarian white slut wife desires to be black gangbanged 2 (more…)

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Curious GF in training

Never met a white woman who isn’t turned on by bbc… That includes my gf, as you will see in the pictures. She’s always trying to play it off like it’s no big deal, however that pussy betrays her everytime the toys come out! It instantly gets her in the mood for a good hard fuck. Sometimes three to four times a day, cumming repeatedly. It’s funny to watch her try to fight the back the orgasm , only to fail miserably by cumming repeatedly! But when asked directly she totally denies that bbc is the reason she gets so uncontrollably horny:) Maybe one day she’ll open up to it!

Curious GF in training (more…)

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