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My Latina nympho wife

What do you all think of my wife Desiree? When I first started dating her I knew she was wild and very much active sexually. While I knew she was wild and my friends warned me, I couldn’t help myself. Immediately while we were dating she cheated on me, I was naturally upset, she told me she was not a one dick type of girl and if I wanted to be with her I had to get used to it. I stayed with her and one night at a club there was a bouncer, a very attractive and large black man. He immediately noticed my wife, she was dressed really slutty. He starts talking to her, as we dance he never takes his eyes off her, at the end of the night he catches up to us by our car, my girlfriend drops to her knees and whips out his cock. It was massive, at least 10 inches… she deepthroats his cock until he came all the while I am in shock watching but aroused. After he came, she kisses me passionately and says you better get used to the taste of black cock. I merely nodded my head as they both got into the car… we got home he fucked her for what must have been hours at least that’s what it felt like… After they finished he showered and left. My gf drenched in sweat and cum simply said now it’s your turn, we kissed and fucked passionately. It was the best sex I ever had. Ever since we have been swinging, we recently moved from la to Chicago so to all you bulls in the chi be on the lookout…

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Hubby introduced black cock and I love it

March of this year 2017. Bf fiancĂ© took me to houston to meet and sleep with his buddy drake. Before I was a nervous wreck agreeing to try it. Wow. Absolutely a different sexual experience. I fucking loved it. Had no idea the man that I loved and a black who had the same personality as my bf. They made it fun and exciting. I’m hooked now and bf loves it. I have met my second black guy and fucked him the 3rd day but omg he has the biggest dick I had ever seen. My sex life is 100 percent different now. Drake coming in town today so all night it’s drake, hubby and I. They both have. Very long stamina. I love lips @Frank & nefertiti

Hubby introduced black cock and I love itHubby introduced black cock and I love it (more…)

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