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Latina milf loves attention

My wife loves sexual attention. She purposely takes off her ring and wears revealing clothes to get attention.. she is proud of her body and loves to flaunt it. She mostly gets attention from black men, I can tell she loves it. She has said she’s never been with a black guy. I’ve been trying to introduce the idea of a threesome to her.. I would love to her see her get fucked by two bbc’s. However, I’m not sure if she’ll go for it… how have you guys convinced your wife’s? Also please leave a comment about her body and what you would do to her given the chance and please be as sexy and descriptive as you like. I’ll show her this later as a way to introduce the idea.

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Wifes fantasy

More than occaisonally my qife and I would roleplay together and watch interracial porn as I usually DP her with toys and dirty talking. We got as far as the guy about to arrive before she got overly nervous and changed her mind. Yet she still has the fantasy and very much would go through with it if it were the heat of the moment. It’s a new experience for both of us and I would very much enjoy to share my wife with you. If you like what you see then we could talk more perhaps. I would love to see her being taken or even knowing she has. I am on kik as DirtyD24769

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slutty wife vegas trip

went out dancing and my man made me wear this outfit very nasty as i walk through the casino all the guys look and smiled they knew i was going to get fuck hard tonight first club i danced with a big black guy and on the dance floor we started butt fucking and my bare ass was showing and he pulled his black cock out and slammed it deep in my cunt it was big and he pounded my pussy hard before the music was over he shot all his cum deep in my pussy wow it was so warm and hot i climax several times @slutty wife lips

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Thick White Wife Longs For BBC!

Still in the process of talking my wife into experiencing BBC. She doesn’t seem to have any interest other than dirty talk in the bedroom, but it makes me wild thinking about her being handled by a well hung black man! I think she would be shy and scared at first but would quickly find her rhythm and do all kinds of crazy things with the guy. I asked if we could start slow, maybe with a tribute picture to see how she would feel about seeing a black mans cock cumming on her and she agreed to that but said no one would do it anyway and for me to not get my hopes up. I need some help guys…Please feel free to make a tribute picture from one of these uploaded images and email it to us so I can show her just how awesome it would look. Jackie Johnson72477 @ gee male . com. My hope is that she will see the pictures and begin to get wet in her panties and it will open the conversation for the next step. Who knows…maybe one of you hung studs could be the one to make the fantasy come true!!

Thick White Wife Longs For BBC (more…)

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Soon To Be Fiancee

My girlfriend of several years recently chested on me, and at first I was highly upset. But after some time, the thought of it began to turn me on.

I’ve seen interracial and cuckold porn before, so obviously my mind began to race. She cheated on me with a white guy, but thinking of her being dominated by a black cock, or several, really turns me on.

She has a gorgeous curvy body, that I catch men, black men included, staring at. And as you can see, I am about average, compared to other guys.

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