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Thick Pawg Girlfriend Cuckold Doggystyle Pounding

Sexy amateur gf taking a BBC in front of her bf while he films and watches! Face down ass up balls deep grippin the hips SMASHIN her big ol booty with that huge donkey dong of a cock! You can tell she’s really enjoying his dick and making her man watch them have sex! Cuckold couples are SO HOT! Queen of SPADES for REAL! <3 OMFG!!!!!!! If you like interracial porn and hotwife sharing then this is for YOU! Hope you all enjoy! Feel free to download and keep or upload to your own site! Save it to your phone, jack off or rub that clit to it as much and as often as you like! It’s just a total TURN ON!


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She is curious

I’m 40 and my sexy bbw fiancee is 38. I really believe she is curious about BBC. We have talked dirty in past during sex about her fucking a bbc. I bough her a 9 inch bbc dildo that’s 2 inches thick. She is a good woman ,would never cheat only been with 6 guys as a 38 yr old .shes never been married or had night I was using it on her started with slow strokes then after a few minutes was fucking her with whole dildo buried in her right pussy.while I was fucking her with the BBC dildo I was boring up times when black guys were or around or would hit on her. One in particular we went out of town for a concert and got a hotel afterwards. We went to the pool the weight room was right beside pool there was at least 4 big black guys working out. They were from a basketball team that was traveling we saw the bus in the parking lot it was a team kinda like a globtrottersthat put on shows. They kept staring at us in hottub well her lol. . Like i would go back to room to get something come back with 2 in hot tub with her. She would be stroking a bbc under the water, and eventually go back to their room. Recently she was playing with a vibrator and jacking me off ,telling me a fantasy of going on our honeymoon in oct and a bbc working at hotel helping us carry luggage I’m sure you can figure how she ended that story. I have a history playing bball and have alot of black friends even have dated black women in past. I gave her a scenario one night how she would get dolled up and expecting me to walk in alone she would be lying on the couch in thong and sexy skimpy night gown. And to her surprise one of myblack friends with me. I said if a tall dark good looking bbc was in front of you, with hard cock hanging out in front of you would turn it down.she gets horny me saying that and in pleasure of that moment she says I couldn’t resist it I’d suck and fuck it. But after she gets off she always says no I wouldn’t do it.

She is curious (more…)

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