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Wife wants to try black cock

Wife wants to have sex with a very well hung black man and find out what it is like to be stretched wide open by a large cock, also would like for him to have a very large full set of balls filled with cum. Her husband only has one small nut, so she wants to feel a big set of balls slapping her pussy as they pump a huge load of sperm filled cum deep inside of her, giving her a proper BREEDING. Please email if interested. @Gailann

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Filthy fun white wife gone black

After many discussions on fantasies during sex she often wanted to watch interracial porn during sex. Which turned into me using toys on her during sex including double penetration in both holes while asking me to roleplay a black guy and speak dirty to her. After telling me her fantasy of wanting to be completely submissive to a black guy or more than one at the same time for a whole night I was reluctant at first but now seems as she wanted so badly I went ahead and let her. At first we were both nervous! i sat on the next room after the guy turned up as my wife lay ready on the bed (see photos). I could only hear the muffled groans of her being pounded for what seemed and eternity. The condoms were there and the lube was there. The smell of sex was strong. I didn’t see either of them through the night as I sat in The next room and heard them going. The thought that he never even wore a condom and lubed her ass before taking it is a turn on. He arrived later than thought in the night and stayed until around half 6 in the morning where she apparently gave him a morning blowjob and quickie before he left.

Any black guys want to use my partner? I’d love to hear how you want to take her. Genuine couple looking for genuine black guys to sex with my submissive white wife. I look forward to see her being bred and taking loads more black cum in the near future

Filthy fun white wife gone black (more…)

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Public Sex W/BBC

Met a young BBC in Daytona for a cold beer and conversation at a Public Bar. I could see There was instant attraction in my wife’s eyes and I knew They couldn’t wait any longer.. So it happened…On the back patio My wife was sitting in a Beach Chair, Kissing , Heavy Petting with a young Horny BBC. Wearing no panties The Hard BBC had no problem finding a home.. I managed to get my camera phone under them for a close up of wet orgasmic sex. All this going on with 100 people inside the club and a couple dozen on the patio.. I’m sure a few of them knew what was going down.. Wife even got to smoke a D’jarum Black after sex…

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