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Taking BBC like a pro

Mrs inked was waiting for me in a pub, but ended up over 2 hours late due to punctured tyre i had tried calling her a couple of times but no answer, and when i walked into the bar i could not see her anywhere, to be honest there was only 2 others and the barman, i called her phone again, it just rang out, starting to feel a little worried, the barman approached me and said "You must be Paul, and you was meeting a woman here earlier, but she as left and gave me this note to give you" i looked at the note and in my wife’s hand writing it said "If you are fast, you wont be last, and you could not make it in time tonight, so you might not even get any" With what looked like an address, I asked the barman if he had seen or spoken to my wife tonight? He looked a little surprised and said "Your wife?" and went onto explain that she had left about hour ago and gave a description of me and asking him to give me the note. Pressing the barman for more details of what he had seen, he asked again "she really your wife?" I asked him why, and he just said he did not think she was married by the way she had acted, he said she had been sitting at that table on her own for about 20 mins and then one of the regulars had bought her a drink and began chatting to her, they had another couple of drinks and both left together she had given him the note saying someone matching me and called Paul would come in looking for her and to give me the note. I showed him the address on the note and he said it was local about mile away. when i asked him for more details he mumbled something about "not wanting to get involved in domestics" and went back behind the bar. My phone indicated a text message, and instantly thought it was my wife, the number showing was unknown as i opened it, the message was downloading an image, of a pair of recognisable bright red lips sucking on a black cock, then a message just saying the door will be open. I got an instant hard on, This video is what i walked into

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