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Taking it deep and hard!

Here’s my slutty, black cock loving wife doing what she does best – immensely enjoying herself while one of her bulls slams his giant cock inside of her. Her pussy was stretched out for quite a while after this afternoon of fun!Taking it deep and hard!

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14 thoughts on “Taking it deep and hard!

  1. That is the typical facial expression of a woman getting a deep thorough fucking. I’ll bet she is saying “Oh my God” or “OH! OH!” or “So big” or just guttural noises every time the bull thrusts into her. She is definitely having a memorable experience

  2. Im so wet knowing tonite i get my brains screwed out by my lovers beautiful big black cock it feels like a baseball bat inside me

  3. A few hours of intense anticipation will only heighten the experience. Once your pussy gets used to be filled by your bull the sex will only get better. Let us know how your butt fares tonight.

  4. Last nite was better than the first time we did it so many ways. still cant take him in my ass, only the head and maybe 2 ins. feel so relaxed now.

    1. Contrary to what a lot of people believe just because it fits in your pussy is isn’t necessarily going to fit in your ass. If your bull has a nice thick one that pleasures your pussy it just may not fit in your ass. By all means if you both want it keep working at it. The most important thing here is that you come away from the encounter with out any lasting marks. A torn rectum isn’t good, neither are hickies hidden places. Glad you had a good time and remember to be careful. Your pussy probably wasn’t quite a sore this time around

  5. Torpedo your right i wasnt as sore this time, although i did have hickies on the inside of my thighs. hubby wont get to see these.

    1. I have played the game for long time and leaving marks is bad. If the other half is happy as a cuck it’s one thing, but if he isn’t things can get real ugly fast. You obviously want to pleasure your lover as much as he pleasures you, but you need to be careful. Hickies are definite no no

  6. I didnt plan on getting hickies but things get so crazy and wild im in a frenzy and under his control. ill havd to let my bull know.

    1. When I am in a woman she has no doubt who is is charge, she knows she is being fucked and that I am going to fill her pussy with my semen. I also am aware if she needs to be discrete. If discretion is an issue the only evidence I leave is a full pussy. What she does with that is up to her, as is any birth control.

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