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Tears of an erection

I found this on my girlfriend’s computer.

No, not just my girlfriend. Let me help you porn fiends understand.
This is the women I’ve loved my entire life. The one I took to senior prom. The woman I changed degree’s and colleges to live in PHX with. The woman I have an engagement ring on layaway for. I know this had to take place after Valentine’s Day of last year. I got her that corset!

I don’t know who the fuck is filming? What type of drugs or alcohol someone’s got her on?
I thought she seemed less attentive or even less pleased with my love making for her. This explains a lot. I know it’s hot to watch, but it’s really abuse to her body.

IS that truly true about a woman having "soul fucked" beyond come back? That seems like my insecurities trying to scare me. She’s mine.

the worst problem is I cannot stop masturbating to the thoughts running through my brain. I’m severely hurt. I called out from work even. But cannot tear away and am too scared to leave her side.

5 thoughts on “Tears of an erection

  1. Hey. I know it hurts……..BUT ISN”T IT FUCKING HOT? Now. How to maybe have you both come together in unity on a project..Something.. I am learning to. Accept your mate for who they are…And who they are not. Only you can love her as she needs. Ever think about that? Could you IMAGINE her out there..Without you? You want to be in her life forever don’t you. Then I will tell you as I have told another.. GIRD YOUR LOINS LIKE A MAN AND QUIT FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF!. Now..Go love your woman…as only you can. Trust and believe..In the POWER..of LOVE.

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