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34 thoughts on “Teen really needs some

  1. very shapely I am sure you will have no problem getting fucked. You might be finding out that a thick 8 or 9 inches takes some serious getting used to. It would probably take me 15 or 20 minutes just to get my cock into a petite young thing like you. And you probably wouldn’t have a lot of fun the first couple of times. If you have been pregnant and given birth you would have a better chance of handling it.

    1. You make a good point, dude. That’s why some supercocked bulls pass up younger white girls and go for their mommas instead. With a milf, the bull can usually mount and sink his BBC full-length into her and ride care free from the git go. He doesn’t have to “work” his way into her. Such a woman’s cunt has been as if customized for his dimensions and she can take everything he’s got and love him for it as he fucks her to kingdom come.

  2. Now baby that’s what I’m talking about, you need a italian to show you the way of love making, with beauty as yours and that dress made especially for you, I gotta show you.

  3. Torpedo you made me smile with your comment about taking 15 to 20 min to work your way into her. i remdmber when that happened to me. mmmm so good

    1. Melissa I suspect that you might have a bit more experience than the young woman in the picture. I am sure that first time you took a BBC it wasn’t entirely discomfort free. You obviously had a bull that showed you consideration as he broke you in to the BBC experience.

  4. Torpedo when my bull broke me into bbc, of course there was some discomfort, but that was balanced by a big black cock gradually entering me deeper and deeper until he was balls deep in me. unforgetable.

    1. Melissa That was my point, gradually working it in. The young woman pictured above would most likely require a gentle touch and a lot of get a BBC in her. Some women like cowgirl the first time around but for many woman they seem to love the feeling of being dominated. I prefer breaking a woman in with me on top, I like to watch their facial expressions as I work me into them, but if they are intimidated by size I don’t have a problem letting them on top and let them do all the work. After all I am not as young as I used to be.

  5. Torpedo your right, cowgirl is ideal for a girl whos taking her first big black cock. you can control the penetration depth and speed unless he pulls you down. oooohhhh melissa

  6. As Melissa said, it gives us control until your pulled down which normally always happens! It’s almost impossible to predict and if you can, that plus the force of them pushing up makes it impossible to prevent! While I do enjoy a nice long black cock in me I have found that being easy and tender isn’t their specialty. Maybe that’s why we love them so much!

    1. With a large BBC there is often some discomfort, but as long as the pleasure exceeds the discomfort women seem to come back for more. When you have 9 or so thick inches in your pussy and your bull is working it well you aren’t having too many rational thoughts. About the only thing on your mind is what is going on between your legs and how great if feels and how much you want to keep feeling like that. When I mount a woman and start working my cock into her I am in total control of myself. However after I have gotten myself in her and start seriously fucking her the pleasure builds in me until I orgasm and fill her pussy. When I am close to orgasm I am not thinking of anything other than my impending orgasm. If you are on top I will most likely pull you down on my cock as I erupt into you. If I am on top will most likely push myself into you as deep as I can. Really great intense sex doesn’t have much of anything to do with rational thought. We are being animals at our best or worst.

  7. Morgan the more my bull dominates me the more submissive i become. i love for him to hold my hands tightly above my head, or tie them to the headboard, that is so hot to me. wet melissa

  8. Jamie
    I think most of us would agree with Big Dave. We wold really like you to post more pictures and preferably more revealing ones. If you really want to try BBC it appears you have plenty of interested bulls to service you

  9. Very well said Torpedo! I enjoy being overtaken and really intense sex. Even when I try to keep them from going deeper…black bulls always slide right on in and fuck me very deep and very hard. I definitely love big black cock!


    Hello Lovely Angel, I just want to know if you prefer your man to be very DARK skin and MASCULINE.To me a lovely Lily White Latina like you, would be even more stunning in the embrace of a DEEP EBONY toned black guy. And not only for the tantalizing contrast of skin colors, which is the best in my opinion, but also many women say Deep DARK skin brothas are the most passionate lovers, but are also masculine in bed. Babygirl you would make the perfect match with a Deep DARK Chocolate guy. If you prefer your guy to be very Dark skin post me Babydoll

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