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The truth is finally found out

This is my wife, we’ve been married for five years, she cut me off from sex about three years ago. She first would allowed me to masterbate in front of her and encouraged me to do so after cutting me off, but in the last year she forbids me to do so in front of her telling me that I need to excuse myself to the restroom and to do so privately instead. I hired a private investigator who found that she’s been seeing three different black men in three separate areas on the opposite side of time spending many hours in hotels and motels with each of these black men separately. I’m wondering if I should approach her asking if I can be her cuckold, I’m very concerned as to how she will reactThis is my wife

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26 thoughts on “The truth is finally found out

  1. She will react positively, the steps in which she has taken means to me that she still loves you but she as many white women have moved on in her sex life upgrading to black men with their superior cocks as she ensures an unbelievable orgasm with each and every sexual encounter.

    1. Thanks Tim, I really want to keep my wife, you’ve made me feel a little more comfortable in approaching her, those black guys can be awesome I guess and we inferior white guys as myself should just be a little more understanding in our ladies sexual needs.

  2. Well, what do you have to lose? You just need to confess your will to see her with black bulls, while she sucks them or get pounded by them… Tell her is part of your dreams and proudly enjoy that truth.

    1. Well, it’s not a truth yet but I’m starting to understand that our white women are starting to require a little bit more than just our little white dicks and our subpar sexual capabilities. Thanks for the advice.

  3. After five years of your little white dick, it’s about
    time she decided to have enjoyable and fulfilling
    sexual experiences – and she’s smart enough to know
    that she can only experiecne that with BBC whore
    masters – and she’s fortunate enough to have three of
    Confront her and express your understanding .
    She beautiful – it’s only natural she would pursue BBC.
    Good Luck.

    1. I can truly see your point, I guess that I should only confront her and ask for her as well as her black sexual partner’s permission to join them as the inferior cuckold partner.

  4. Invite a black friend over for a few drinks, but before you do..Tell him before hand you want him to make advances towards her when you leave the room…Also for him to do a lot of eye contact… it might take more than once, but if she really love the taste of black something will happen…

    1. Thank you, she is hot. I love her so much. I love her so much that I could see myself eventually cleaning the black cum off of her but I could never ask another to do so.

  5. where from, David? i’ll happily sit you in a corner as you watch me fuck her deep and long as she tells you how much better this Black dick feels stretching her tight white pussy…

  6. That’s just what I was doing in my ex-marriage. I cheated all the time with a few different black men I met in various places. I had one sexual affair after the other with black men and loved it. Once you start doing it you don’t stop because it’s thrilling and exciting and I love sleeping with black guys ever since college where I had my very first gangbangs with black men in their dorms.

  7. Just tell your wife you know what is going on and you support her Then tell her to invite them over You will be their cuck in no time 🙂 🙂 At least you will get to eat the HUGE loads from your wife’s pussy or ass It’s better then nothing 😉 I WAS ONLY ALLOWED TO TONGUE MY WIFE’S ASS HOLE 🙁 GOOD LUCK

  8. To begin with, she’s got great jugs. Like my girlfriend. But getting cut off from sex is no-go. My gf got turned out by an older black man and became his whore. Not in the pimping sense, but he just passed her around to his friends, male and female (Beth is bi). She’s multi-orgasmic and cums with everybody and every thing. But as long as I was getting my share of pussy from her, I had no cause for complaint. Stand up for your civil rights and get that marital snatch.

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