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Wanking cuckold husband

There is nothing besides simple wanking that is allowed him. Of course she is his wife but she doesn’t like small white dicks but only enjoys truly awesome black shafts. Well, at least he can look and her sucking off her lovers and masturbate as much as he wantsWanking cuckold husband

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12 thoughts on “Wanking cuckold husband

  1. The fantastic situation that I want to be, but is better that my wife and her lover have sex in a bed. I want my wife’s legs to be wide open as a BBC fucks her brains out.

  2. white guy can not fuck, just masturbate ,because white guy has to watch ,because black colleague must help ! I think that white women for black, and white guy just watch. white guy does not know how to fuck !

  3. That’s how it is supposed to be anyway, the black man fucks the white wife and gets all the pussy while hubby watches and wanks his off.

    Hey guys, you have a fine lady here asking for some action. I will do all I can to help Katie.

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