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Well this wasn’t her first bbc

Well this wasn’t her first bbc, first was 3 years ago, she was 35, him, 19. Her roomates grandson,stayed for summer, found pics and video, she told me he was asking her for head,I’m like why you telling me? Told her I was proud of her taking all 8 1/2 inches. Well situation now,very we had split, but got back together In may.she sends me a pic and asks what do you think? Said 9-9 1/2 inches,who is it,she wouldn’t say. well go to her place,shows me the text. It’s her roomates 26 yo mixed race son. He is sexting her,says she’s never seen a bigger dick. Asked me if she said anything wrong. I go well you answer w idk,which you know,means maybe,you say you have a bf? No. i say you want to fuck him,she goes it cause issues. I said as long as you show me,she goes why I sent pics. Well he came back up from Florida last month. He’s downstairs putting clothes in wash, her rooms there. She came out in these tight lil boyshorts, w long shirt,waved him over. She filmed it,all 13 times! So they close for,she gets on her knees,he pulls out this huge cock.she sucks him till fully hard, she then says you gonna fuck me hard,like you said ,pushes her on the bed,kissing,spreads her legs,off w panties,she’s wet af. She says I’ve masturbated alot thinking of yr huge cock. He pulls her legs apart,she pulls them back,he slides in,she’s moaning,going omg,omg. He gets it all in,she’s saying biggest dick in me,ever. He starts fucking her,she’s panting,cums in less than 5 min,she’s like fuck me,they do doggie,she on top,finish w her fav,reverse cowgirl,she’s came like 12 times,his cocks covered,he says he’s bout to cum,she gets up puts it in her mouth,he cums in it,a ton,she swallows it,I’m jerking my 6 in her fast,cumming in my hands,she says I’ve got to swallow if she does,so I do. I suck dick pretty often,I’m pretty much a sissy. Cept I fuck her sometimes. I’m in her clothes most of the time,after fucking him last time,she had him cum in her,then I came over,he split,she let me go down on her,after jerking off on her pussy. She said you love that don’t you? I said yes,I hope you stop fucking me for bbcone day

Well this wasn’t her first bbc

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