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What have I done!

I am shacking my head now that we’ve done the bbc experience a couple of times! my wife’s pussy is stretched and by the look in this photo she is not happy with me anymore. This life style is here to stay for us now if I plan in staying with my wife. What do i do now? How should I go about make her happy?What have I done!

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17 thoughts on “What have I done!

  1. I think you already know what to do! You’ve opened pandora’so box! Now you must live with it and continue to bring her the the biggest black cocks you can!!!!

  2. Once you let her experience a real cock you can’t go back now. You have to encourage her to continue to fuck black cock and let you watch. Hone up your pussy eating skills because that is what she will probably want you for from now on

    1. I agree! All this dude can do now is get the sanitary wipes after his wife swallows a brother’s baby batter. LMAO!

  3. Just keep giving her away to black men,its all you can do now.Its all shes going to want from now on and they will stretch her pussy way out because she is a whore for black men now and you have to let her have alot of black cock to keep her happy now,just go with it if you want to keep her as your wife!

    1. Find a group of BBC bulls that will fuck your wife weekly. Her pussy needs to be stretched out even more. Make sure you are always ready to drink all that bull cum from her ruined cunt.

  4. She Belong To BLACK MEN NOW? I Am A BLACK MASTER DOM ? I Would Love To Give Your Wife 12″ To 14″ Black Meat Cocks ? Let Your Wife Sexually Experience A Thicker Longer Cock Stroke Sexually Being RIDDEN Deeper Doggie-Style? Please Contact Me ASAP? That The Only Way Your Wife Will Be Happy NOW? Put ‘ Desperate Husband”

  5. Look, let’s get real. The science of female anatomy has known for years that the vast majority of women’s genital nerve endings are in the clitoris, and a lot fewer in her vagina. So, all you have to do is alter your copulation technique. Let black men deep-fuck and widen your wife all they want. You fuck her in the “vestibule” of her vulva, hitting her clit. It’s right there in the front, so the size of your cock doesn’t matter.
    No doubt she gets a lot of pleasure from BBC, but much of it is psychological. You can give her the physical, by fucking her smarter, instead of trying to compete with black men’s cocks plowing her to the fullest inner extent of her pussy.

  6. You should let her continue to be services by BBC and be ready to let her black partners become her primary sex partners. I am married to a wonderful Filipina wife and she became black-owned over two years ago. I have never been happier in our marriage.

  7. Support her needs and let her know you are hers. Lick her ready and lick her as needed and clean her when she requires. I know this sounds nasty and it is… It gets easier to do in time and rewarding. Once the taste acquired you will live for her pussy full of cum. She will too. It is addictive and a cuckold’s own pleasure. Love her and Lick her.

  8. Nothing you can do but enjoy… i come home quite often to either the sounds of my wife getting drilled upstairs in our bedroom by her BBC BF… or she will be on her kness in the living room giving head to her 19 yr old BF… sometimes with 2-3 of his friends waiting their turn…

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