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What Really happens To our Wives

We hear it all the time, our wives tell us that were just fine, then this happens. Their out trying to find the biggest black cock they can get. And they usually know where to go get it dont they. The black men can give our wives what we cant. Their feasting on cock they have dreamed about but now its become a reality. I cant blame women for wanting the best out there including my wife

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7 thoughts on “What Really happens To our Wives

  1. The decision of whether or not to use a condom should always be the
    decision of the Black Bull. – since he is the the Boss and totally in charge of the
    The white wife and her little hubby should have nothing to say in the matter.

  2. All true what you say. My wife had her first black encounter in Gambia (West Africa) two years ago with no protection at all. Up against a wall in the back of a shop. We went back again for another stay and she kept away from that shop but found herself in a situation alone with a black guy and just couldn’t resist the temptation. It frightens her a bit to know she can’t resist and the possible dangers involved.

  3. My beautiful Wife had a black boyfriend from work. About once a week they would go to the gym after work and then back to his place to shower and suck & fuck! She really liked his big black dick and never made him wear a condom 🙂

  4. There’s a good way for white wives to deal with HIV risk. The woman should make a deal with her chosen black stud that she’ll let him ride her bareback all he wants and knock her up, too. But first he’ll have to take an HIV test and show her he’s clean. No sane black man would refuse such a breeding offer, because no matter how much he wanted to fuck her, he wouldn’t want his baby to be born with AIDS. If the guy refuses the deal, then the woman should look elsewhere because he’s obviously a lowlife scumbag.

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