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What Should I Do

My boyfriend and I not too long ago have began posting online for threesomes. We’ve had some success, and both have gotten our pleasure out of it. I can’t complain about that.

The reason I’m here now though is, he’s always the one controlling who we meet. He arranges everything, and every time a black man emails us, he deletes the email. Doesn’t even give me a say. Some of them are attractive too.

I’ve never been with a black man, but I know a few friends who have, and I heard all about it. I’m not looking to humiliate my bf or change anything, but I would like to broaden our horizon a little bit.

How should I tell him? Or should I go about this on my own?

What Should I DoWhat Should I DoWhat Should I DoWhat Should I DoWhat Should I DoWhat Should I DoWhat Should I DoWhat Should I DoWhat Should I DoWhat Should I Do

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25 thoughts on “What Should I Do

  1. You should come clean to your boyfriend that you’re posting pics of either your girlfriend, ex-girlfriend or chick you’re obsessed with seeing a big black dick in and that it’s not your first time posting them. He’ll question you at first “Is he turning straight on me? What is this?” But assure him you’re still gay, not that there is anything wrong with that, and that you’re just obsessing over big black dicks.

    Unless, of

  2. used to feel intimidated but my wife broke me in slowly. She knew what she wanted to do and brought me around. Over time, she started voicing who she wanted and when she hot what she preferred, she enjoyed it more and was more intense with me afterwards. Then she would watch videos with me and telling me fantasies she had about size…and we role played it and evolved into her flirting and teasing to where she got what she wanted.

    She enjoyed a variety of types the rest of our marriage. You’re ultimately in charge of this…bring him along for the ride.

  3. That sexy body you got he knows he cant look knowing you getting BBC. Too much for him to handle, but you may ask him why he deletes the blacks guys, but do it in a playful manner and see what he says. If he not with it then do your own thing.

  4. You are getting some good advice Brotherlylove4u is on point ask him playfully about deleting the black guys and be honest with him about what you want. Let him know that you are interested an attracted to black men most women are anyway. See what he says and let him know that you want him to be apart of this experience with you and if he cares about you and what you want he will come around and do it with you.

    You are a beautiful woman so I know the brothers on here will be knocking down your door to experience you LOL!!!

  5. Usually in a threesome situation the hubby picks the guy out but you need some input too. Its because hes your bf not your husband that has a lot to do with it. But he still needs to communicate with you. as far as being with a black guy he’s probably afraid you’ll dump him and there is always that chance, especially if you’re fucking black guys. communication is the key.

  6. Your boy friend is already letting you get your fun.

    Have some respect for that, seems pretty ungrateful and maybe you need to move on if you are going to cheat on him.

    Amazing you could be so disrepectful.

  7. You might be in trouble if you take a lot of advise given here. It really is up to you but he does have say in this if you want to keep him. Maybe he would come around but don’t listen to all this advise.

  8. He will never take you back after a black guy nails you and will certainly never marry you. neither would I. Make your choice and live with it. Don’t play stupid as to why he’s deleting the emails.

  9. Be honest with him. He may be ok with it. You never want to cheat. Some of these remarks these guys are leaving is why people get shot.

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