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12 thoughts on “White chick without panties on

  1. If any of us white wimpy husbands tried to kiss and touch our wives pussy, when out at a bar or club, we would be slapped down and told in no uncertain terms to back off. But when a superior black man just goes up to talk to them, they are automaticaaly opening their legs, eyes mesmorised and looking like little puppy does to its master (well i suppose they are looking at a master, A BLACK MASTER.).
    They not only allow the blackman to kiss them, and finger them , they submit to falling to their knees before these god like masters, and beg to be used and abused, in front of lots of friends and strangers alike. They only have 1 though and that is to OBEY the black master. LONG MAY THIS BE SO

  2. Pretty and slim with a nice face and pussy. Great tits and cock-sucking lips. She would make my thing spring and get my sperm to squirm!

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