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White wife looking for her first bbc

My wife says she has always been curious about taking bbc but never really met anyone. When I told her I wanted to watch her fuck a bbc she was surprised. I have talked her into it and she all for it. We are located near Pittsburgh Pa so please email us at therealinformer@yahoo.comWhite wife looking for her first bbc

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4 thoughts on “White wife looking for her first bbc

  1. Grant,
    In an area the size of Pittsburgh, you should have no problem finding plenty of black stud bull gentlemen to oblige your interests. Make sure and be picky, because if you have a first good experience your sexy looking wife will thank you a thousand times over in a lot of ways. Just be sure you are both ready to make it a regular/semi-regular part of an adventurous, fun life together, because she will want to enjoy it again from time to time from then on.
    Good luck in your adventures!

  2. Hey man good luck, i am in the same boat as you. My wife is still very reluctant to try bbc even though she knows i want to watch. I am also very near you in pittsburgh.

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