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12 thoughts on “White wife needs to please master

  1. I want to join your fantasy and this is what I’ll do. After she has been whipped, I pull out my big black dick and slap her in the face a few time with it before I have her suck it . After I get really hard I’ll spread her legs and lick her pussy and ass. As soon as she gets wet, I’ll stick my dick so deep inside her pussy and stroke it like a champ. And when I’m just about to cum, I’ll take my dick out burst all over her while I scream,” I love white pussy”

  2. She’s a gem. Seems she doesn’t require much training from her
    Black Masters. Just perhaps a tune-up!
    She’ll be serving the black man very soon – as all white women
    should and will do eventually.
    Every black man should have at least one white women (white or
    couple) to serve him as he wishes to be served.

  3. I don’t know about whipping, but wouldn’t mind spanking dat hot white ass of hers. She proabably need it too, and a good hard dicking afterwards to put her in her place. BIG AL

  4. Hello Lovely, I just want to know if you prefer your guy to be very DARK skin and masculine. If you do post me back here

  5. I would love to watch her get that big black cock and after he fucks her good I want to lick her cum filled pussy clean while she cleans that black monster cock dry. I love a white slut that craves black cock.

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