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Why all women prefer blacks

heres the difference between a real man and a sissy white boy, just wanted to show eveyone how i measure up to a real blackman im the white one in panties!! enjoyblack and white

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6 thoughts on “Why all women prefer blacks

  1. Seeing is believing – why else are so many white women (married
    and unmarried) going black! Obviously these women know where the
    hot pleasure is!

  2. i hope you all enjoy laughing at my needledick posted here, notice how this black monster manhood has a mansized head which dwarfs my little pink button sized sissy dick!!! it makes me hot looking at the comparison! real man vs dickless faggot , i feel i have a duty to wear skirts and panties and worship black men

  3. wow its so hot to look at, seeing this superhuman godlike blackman who can satisfy any woman next to me the little wimp who could never satisfy a girl with that little button dicklet
    his huge beautiful cockhead alone is 4 times the size of my entire penis now thats incredible, i should be on my little faggot knees servicing that huge veiny bulging schlong

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