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Wife and husband enjoy a BBC

Video of wife, husband, and bull fucking. You can tell the wife is really enjoying that BBC. Hubby enjoys it as well, stroking his hard white dick and kissing his wife as the bull fucks her. I would love for me and my wife to have a BBC like the one in this video. So very hot! [media id=307 width=590 height=443]

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6 thoughts on “Wife and husband enjoy a BBC

  1. my wife had a black dude over this weekend & I can’t believe how hard and for how long he banged her out but it was fun… she did say it was a little weird seeing him @ work today though

  2. That is a perfect compilation of how it always should be done, the way it was meant to be done as the black man uses a pussy to fulfill his sexual needs. All while the white boy watches him and uses his own hand to provide himself the sexual satisfaction that he needs.

    The white wife receives her sexual needs from a real man making her feel like a real and complete woman more so than she has ever felt before. It is never more evident for white females to expose and show off those feelings of completeness as a woman than after they have been power fucked by a black man. Just as it should be.

  3. my wife loves the guy on the left in the beginning… she would love it if we could get in touch with him! let us know how please!

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