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Wife enjoying black lover

Wife enjoying black lover while I tape him breed her. She loves black cock and I enjoy watching her have fun. This was the first time she never had him where a condom so hopefully she isn’t pregnant.

It took me years to shoot all the videos I got now. In each of them my wife goes raving about some fat black dick. I upload these to Personal Clips!!

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5 thoughts on “Wife enjoying black lover

  1. Great video Mark but I strongly suspect that you secretly want her to become pregnant and she is going the right way about it.

  2. only black dick can fuck my wife bareback she just lets me jack off while i watch thats all were making plans to have our baby it will have to be black she said that made me cum alot

  3. i want to raise my wifes black bab and be humiated by people i know family and friends they will know they arent my babies thter from a black stud who im very very thankful for being in charge of our sex life my wife loves it i really want heather to get black pregnant

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