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Wife for BBC

Hi everyone. For some time my wife has joked about interracial sex while I’m gone on business trips. I don’t know if she’s ever actually done anything, but the thought of it actually sorta turns me on. Was wondering what anyone else thought or if anyone would be interested in her so I can show her what people say. Thanks
Wife for BBCWife for BBCWife for BBCWife for BBCWife for BBCWife for BBCWife for BBCWife for BBCWife for BBCWife for BBCWife for BBC

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37 thoughts on “Wife for BBC

  1. Rest assured that doing something like this will be one of the best things for your relationship. You are already demonstrating what a great and understanding husband you are by entertaining the idea and being open to it. It’ll be a struggle for you in the beginning between your feelings of being jealous but also being incredibly turned on. It’s perfectly natural, don’t fight them. Instead, use them to fuel you to make this happen and you will see that in the end you will feel more satisfied than ever.

    Best of luck in your journey and be sure to post back updates on how its going!

  2. we as a couple have been doing this for a while. And it is great for us .
    the big thing is Trust you and hubby have to know
    Its OK for her to have physical pleasure
    She must not get an emotional attachment ITS ONLY SEX
    She must know you will love her and support her
    you must keep her SAFE
    she is a hottie and all the guys I know would love to pleasure her
    We have several fuckbuddys
    one is hubbys friend he is a master of getting a woman a thriller orgasm
    I squirt a lot of the time with him (whit)
    one is a band leader here and we have hooked up for 4 years (black)
    one is a cop and we have hooked up many times (black)
    one is a friend of mine and we play with him a couple of times (black)
    we also like to play on vacation and on trips
    I rarely meet guys without hubby
    but if you establish a friendship you can

    PS our sex life is fantastic and it has brought us closer
    hubby knows I love great sex and handsome men and he allows me that
    I also let him have whoever he wants

    1. sounds like a pretty twisted and screwed up relationship.

      you married someone but never wanted to be committed to just them sexually.

      you make a physical connection with these men, and they provide you with something your husband doesn’t, so clearly it’s not just sex.

  3. She is so pretty!You should encourage her to explore this world,if she goes into it she will experience some extreme pleasure but you need to be supportive and encouraging : ) my husband has always been and I love him for it!We’ve really experienced some exciting times and Ive had some really intense sex and some very intimate and passionate love making with men who are not my husband!Big ,strong black men who do incredible things to me!Get into it with her

  4. Now does she know you put her pictures all over an interracial sex /cuckold site??? She is stunning and we’d all love to see her in something more revealing, maybe a bit of lingerie. Thanks for sharing her so far.

  5. If your very lovely wife is joking about have interracial sex, she probably is already doing it and wants to test your reaction. Don’t be surprised if she is enjoying BBC on a regular basis and intends to continue to do so with your acceptance. You are likely being groomed as a cuck. Luckily, you seem fine with your wife taking Black Lovers. Inviting a hung Black Bull into your bed is the most erotic and exiting thing a married couple can do. Make certain that you get to watch and participate. My wife has a roster of Black friends who service her on a regular basis while I watch. Our marriage and sex life are great.

      1. Invite a new guy for the first time, whom you both select and your wife could not possibly already know. If she already has a black lover (or lovers) on the side, your wife may try to select one of them because they are familiar. Resist this. If she doesn’t admit that he is her regular playmate, your wife is being dishonest with you. Even if she comes clean at the start, the first time won’t be a mutual experience. It will just be her showing off her past conquests. However, accept the fact that your wife will probably continue to enjoy her existing black lover(s) and, after experiencing a few mutually selected BBCs, you should encourage your wife to play with her friends together with you as a couple. Most important, always ensure that you encourage your wife to maintain a circle of three or more regular black studs to keep emotional attachments diluted. More than one dick at a time helps keep the focus on fun rather than romance. It also helps if the men are mature and married, they tend to be more discrete as they have something to lose.

  6. Thank you so much for the value feedback! I will definitely start considering it. As for “Slut Here’s” comment, is there a way for me to post more of her pictures on this thread? Or do I need to start a new one? Thanks again

    1. I think it needs to be a new thread, but I’ll gladly accept them in my personal email box. I’m just starting into bbc, but enjoy many white ones on a regular basis. I’m on yahoo at needbbcinwaterford if you feel like sending them.

  7. If your wife has joked about it, she’s thought about it. And if she’s thought about it, she may have been doing it. It’s good that you’re okay with that. Some women need to indulge in sexual adventures secretly for a while before they reveal them to their husbands. Others, like my girlfriend (who’d never joked or talked about it), didn’t hesitate to tell me when suddenly one of her black co-workers began making advances, and a few days later took her to his place and laid BBC pipe into her. Frankly, I wasn’t shocked. She was an uninhibited white girl, and I guess I’d sort of thought she’d do that sooner or later.

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