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wife goes black

It’s not a question of “IF”your highly sexed wife goes black…. lt’s a question of “WHEN”….

She can’t help It – It’s In her DNA to breed with the strongest and most virile male of the species.

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9 thoughts on “wife goes black

  1. Not all women want to be bred or dominated or force their husbands into cuckold or servitude. Did you ever think some of us just really love sex and sucking dicks???

  2. Oh, it is so easy for black guys to fuck our wives. My wife gave it up so easy. Sitting on a bar stool he felt up her big boobs, ran his hand into her crotch and she went to his car with him. He gave her a fucking she will never forget. As her cuckold husband I just accept that I have no control over this. Black guys are going to take her regardless how I feel about it. I did try to fight with a black guy in the army and he fucked my ass and forced me to give him a blow job. He tied a pink ribbon on my bed and told me if I removed it he would have me gang fucked. He used me several times before I rotated. So, white guys, when they take your wife and they probably will, just accept it. They will dominate us all eventually. Slavery will be white peoples future. It is the blacks time to rule us.

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