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Wife goes to all black party taking there bbc

My wife went to all black party she was invited too. When she got here she had some drinks with a few if her friends. Apparently she had to much to drink so she stayed the night and ended up fucking a couple bbc’s. she was well stretched out when she came home the next day Wife goes to all black party taking there bbcWife goes to all black party taking there bbcWife goes to all black party taking there bbc

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3 thoughts on “Wife goes to all black party taking there bbc

  1. Hey… I feel for ya. It happens. My wife went on a cub scout Jamboree 3 day camping trip with my s on. He stayed in the big tent with the other scouts and she stayed in our 4 man tent by herself. After she got back she told me she had “unexpected visitors” and freaked and couldn’t tell me anymore for several hours but finally she told me that a young group of black guys that came along with their families got into her tent and used her like a common whore “in all ways imaginable.” Sure I was upset about it but I understand she is a hot looking babe and she went by herself so appeared to be an easy mark. She had a lot of guilt about it because she enjoyed it and they enjoyed her so much they came back every night for more. Even during the day a couple of them took her to their tents and rode her and I am not talking one-one-one one sex either. She is a redhead so quite a target for them and I understand that. I had her tell me every single detail of what happened and she told me on the first night she thought she would go out to her campfire to heat some water for tea wearing only her littlest chemise — it is silk and very short and nearly see-thru. It was 3 am in the morning an no one around. She said she was squatting down and poking the fire with a stick with 4″ of bare ass pussy sticking out when the guys walked up behind her. She said that there was no way out. They were going to fuck her right there in public so instead of risking that she invited them back to her tent for the “inevitable” (as she put it). She said that within minutes they were filling her with their cream from both ends and repeatedly. She feels guilt from doing that and says it was stupid but she enjoyed it and wants to do it again but with my permission and with me being there. I had to admit the thought of it turned me on.

    1. Wow that’s hot.. My wife works with a lot of black men and I think she is cuckolding me.. She comes back from work and sits on my face and plays with my little cock saying that I have a very small cock..

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