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21 thoughts on “Wife gone crazy

  1. It would be fair to assume that after the top picture was taken, they were able to find a black battering ram to open her up

    1. A week ago you didn’t know if you could handle one BBC. I have seen seen more than one woman take 2 or 3 big men and leave them limp. Most women never find out just how much capacity for sex they have. Just be careful and have fun.

  2. I wish every cum loving black loving slut wife would be as wide open as this one. Her spread out legs in the first picture make me only imagine how those black dudes opened her wide!

  3. I have to admit ive thought of having 2 black bulls service me, im wet already. i love the thought of been the recipient of so much cock

    1. I have a small group that I am a part of. Once a woman has pulled a train of 2 or 3 or more she seems to like to continue the practice. Sometimes it might be me and couple of friends on one woman, sometimes two women can be great. It’s all in the mindset of the participants. If you indulge with the idea of getting and giving pleasure the possibilities are almost endless.

    1. First off you need bulls that get along and are willing to share you. A Male, Male Female threesome is not very good for a short encounter. This is how you want to spend an afternoon and evening. I would suggest that you have at least 4 uninterrupted hours. You want a more relaxed yet intense pace.

  4. I dont know if my lover would want to share me with another bbc. in one way i want him to share, in another i want him and only him in me.

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