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Wife loves to fuck

We are a 40s couple where she loves to fuck and can do so for hours. She loves big dicks and young guys. Would love to take on several at one time. She has had some really good black cock and loved it, Had a black friend that pounded her for hours and came in here a couple dozen times til it was running down her legs. She must have cum 30 times and deep throat-ed all 10 inches. Would love to find 1-3 well hung attractive men in area to play with regularlyWife loves to fuckwife loves to fuckwife loves to fuckwife loves to fuckwife loves to fuckwife loves to fuckwife loves to fuckwife loves to fuckwife loves to fuckwife loves to fuckwife loves to fuckwife loves to fuck

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11 thoughts on “Wife loves to fuck

  1. Most women never really find out what their capacity for pleasure is. It’s not unusual for a motivated woman to fuck 2 or 3 bulls limp. She definitely has what it takes and knows how to use it. HAPPY FUCKING!!

    1. thanks, i get rock hard watching and hearing hear cum on their cocks. I know she wants to see me suck them off and swallow their cum from her pussy as the 2nd time she sat on my face after he had came in her a dozen times and I could feel her cum so hard watching it run into my mouth.

  2. If you are in our area and well hung(the bigger the better) she would love to get fucked really hard. She would love to have a couple really hung 20s guys fuck her for hours while we video tape it all. She loves to be tied down and forced to fuck. She loves rape fantasy and feeling that she is being raped and that I have to watch her service all the guys doing it. She loves dp and being on her hands and knees between two cocks. She would love to see me forced to clean their cocks off of her cum on them while she is getting fucked or me licking her pussy while she ride a cock reverse cowgirl style. She will take it all bareback and she is not on the pill or anything. She wants you to cum as many times in her as you can deep in her. It makes her wet to think you may get her pregnant.Once she gets to know you she will let you bring all your friends or brothers with you to do her. She loves to dress up really slutty and go out and fuck wherever she can. Contact us here if interested and anything you want to do with her.

  3. Cleaning the Sperm from her freshly fucked pussy will be a treat for you. The Cuckolds desert is so addictive we could call it Crack but then they would make it illegal and make it a controlled substance. Once you get into it then you will NEVER EVER want to eat pussy any other way.

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