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Wife strayed off to THEM

We went to the club one night to have fun. I couldn’t find my wife so I searched, and searched. Finally I came acrossed her with THEM again. I was so humiliated.Wife strayed off to THEM

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8 thoughts on “Wife strayed off to THEM

  1. So why were you humiliated? If the bull had a both hands in her dress, an easy task with a backless dress, and he was massaging her tits I could see a reason you might feel humiliated. From the picture it looks like the most that is happening is that they might be having a conversation. I am pretty sure that most of THEM are capable of intelligent conversation.

    1. Hi Torpedo, I’d say the guy is right – those two are hungry for one another. That girl is son on heat she has to be filled and that lad looks exactly what she needs. I can see why the husband is concerned because that girl is going to get blacked sooner or later and once she starts she won’t want to stop.

  2. I want her to be happy with him, and him to be happy with her. Diana, I agree, and your comment excites me, knowing he’s truly gonna have her eventually 🙂 Perfect. Sorry hubby.

    1. Hi White Boy, Going back in the archives I wondered how this affair progressed. I love my husband but the first close encounter I had with a black guy I just could not stop myself. It was a wonderful experience all the way and after he withdrew leaving me a gift of hot seed deep inside I felt really happy and fulfilled. Now of course the craving does not leave.

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