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Katie and her Black Gang White Bang

Delicious, delightful and delectable Katie. What a lucky guy am I to meet this exquisite lady from Arkansas. She is a dreeam and believe me is not the inncoent she appears to be. A little clawed kitten…I have the scratches to prove this- after 3 years marriage I should and do know.
Katie is greedy and wants her new black gang white bang experience to be one that she will not forget in a hurry…..already on esite lady wants in on this nights action that we are setting up in February 2012. Pictures of the night will be published here….so be patient. Now all that needs to happen is to recruit thos lucky 6 black dudes….Wife Wants Blackwife wants black

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10 thoughts on “Katie and her Black Gang White Bang

  1. Honey what an ”Exciting Time”, knowing that she will Experience, Intense Orgasm’s, that will not be Fake. K ate’s panties are SOAKED,& Noone should have to wait,,my opinion is ”Just do it”. To many wives have toy’s,,,throw them away & GO BLACK.

  2. You are really lucky man and KATIE luckier to have you and I would have lucky if were the 7th of Gang but I live so far away in London UK. aldo

  3. And one thing more. Katies smile and face is like an Angel. How angely does she look when she is in extacy!!! I am struggling not to imagine that other wise I may loose my loads. XXXX aldo

  4. I have a couple with a cute blonde like Katie that flies here to Philly to have her serviced. I have regular monthly parties for couples and they come to about three a year.
    Perhaps you’d like to attend….we typically have 3 couples and 9 – 14 guys. So it’s a good time.

    Let me know if your interested in more info.

  5. You might even get lucky enough to have the black guys breed her pretty little ass, How would you like your cute little blonde wife pregnant with a black baby?

    If she was my wife i would encourage it, She would make a great breeder for black men.

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