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Wifes fantasy

More than occaisonally my qife and I would roleplay together and watch interracial porn as I usually DP her with toys and dirty talking. We got as far as the guy about to arrive before she got overly nervous and changed her mind. Yet she still has the fantasy and very much would go through with it if it were the heat of the moment. It’s a new experience for both of us and I would very much enjoy to share my wife with you. If you like what you see then we could talk more perhaps. I would love to see her being taken or even knowing she has. I am on kik as DirtyD24769

Wifes fantasyWifes fantasyWifes fantasyWifes fantasyWifes fantasy

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2 thoughts on “Wifes fantasy

  1. Ahe’s got “ROCK N ROLL” inked on her side, so she’s got the wild side inside her. Help her find it again, and she’ll have a BBC inside her. “Heat of the moment” is not being wild – you still need to be careful and choose wisely by contacting and checking out the BBC and setting the rules first. Be there and if things get out of hand be prepared to stop it. Don’t fall into the wimp role that you see on this site, wher you have 6 BBCs show up, refuse to wear condoms and say “but what could I do.” That is just bullshit fantasy for WRITERS; if you aren’t prepared to ensure her safety – don’t go forward. have fun, and pics or it didn’t happen. 🙂

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