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Wife’s first BBC cuckold

Our first experience. we are new to this site and we are looking for close bbc. we live in n.e. ohio. if you have a bbc and live near please feel free to contact usWife's first BBcWife's first BBcWife's first BBcWife's first BBcWife's first BBcWife's first BBc

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19 thoughts on “Wife’s first BBC cuckold

  1. The second-to-last photo of him holding her arms and fucking her brutal, with her weding ring showing, is the best. Every white wife should get such brutal fucking.

  2. Very Nice! But lose the condom! Show respect for the Black Man – and if you’re very lucky you and hubby can have his baby!
    No Black Man should be restricted by a condom – unless, of course, it’s his choice!

  3. thanks everyone for the nice comments. these pics are jay but not of our first encounter with him. it was our second time with him. she really enjoys being with him. not sure if these pics do his cock justice, it is almost 10 in long and extremely thick. and in regards to the condom/kid thing. we already have 3 kids and as hot as it would be to have a little black baby growing inside we don’t want anymore kids. however, if there is a black guy out there that wants a surrogateshe would be willing to carry the baby. but no artificial insemination,she would want direct deposit.

  4. we have a bunch more phots and vids. i wish there was a way to just upload them to our profile or something. and to bbcaaron, the pics with the ring showing are some of my favorite as well..there are a few more like that. i think there is one of her on her back with jay on top of her fucking her and choking her (she likes that) and her hand are on his and u see her ring..very hot

  5. Looks like your first experience was absolutely amazing. But I agree that you should definitely lose the condom next time around. That way, you can feel the raw power and size of the BBC, as white women are intended to.

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