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wifes fist time toplest

wife wet toplest to wen the mate got a hards on all the lot did and she love it she was asking me the name and putinng it in er book with the ins next to names she sed can we have a party and ask them to and then you can tell them im a nyfio wen im drunk then i can get drunk see how many will get it to bed with me all the lot i bet ok then you ar on 4 it but have i to set the video up 4 it wel im not guer do it just 4 fun it will last all weakend i hop how meny will thaer bee then wife sed ithink 6/8 will that be ok with you ok you will bee geting the cocks not me yes ok then it got me well hard i was harder still wen i so er riading them big cock one in er pussy and sucking on a monster it must have bin 12ins and she was loveing it she wood say to me woweee this brill jim ar you guner fuck me to or is it guner bee later on wen im well randy yuo just keep wancking 4 me you like to see me geting a well good fucking it get you well randy 4 me later on you fuck me beter wen youv sin me geting a good fuckinf all night long its the best thing wee ever did cos wee fuck beter after you no how i like big monster cocks all night long we have a beter sex like now than ever ad so enny wifes out there have a go no not nock it till you don it my hubby say gail37dd///jimmy12ins I WILL PUT SUM MORE STORIES ON FIRST TIME I FUCK HUBBYS MATES PHOTO OVE WIFE WEN SHE WAS 17/18/19/20 GETING BIGER TITs
wifes fist time toplest

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