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11 thoughts on “Wonder if I’m good enough for BBC

  1. Bet you will be sucking and banging BBC in no time. Heck, I’ll have you barebacking in BBC gangbang parties in no time.

  2. I saw in another post that you went interracial already, any updates on whether you are being blacked by a huge bbc? I think it’s hot that you went interracial.

  3. Let’s begin your BBC journey with a 12″ black meat, my meat for your holes. I’ll have you deepthroating my cock, and getting your ass gaped.

  4. Hi Lauren. How about you show us pictures of you naked, better yet videos of you with a big BBC dildo and training your holes for many BBCs in your future.

  5. Hi Lauren, very fitting that a hottie as yourself starts to desire giving it up to the brothas. Once one of us is in you, you will crave nothing but BBC. Remember to wear your badge of commitment to making the world a better place, you know, wear a QoS ♠️ anywhere it can be seen by black men to know you are game for BBC seeding.

  6. Hi Lauren,
    Any updates on your blackening?
    From another post here, I see that you are interracial now,
    is your latino boyfriend or husband at least half black?
    Has he expressed interest in seeing you with another man, black man?
    Good for you that you went interracial, now you just need to go full circle.
    You will be a BBC craving size queen soon enough ♠️.
    and no 🚫 white men will be allowed in your holes again.
    I am sure you will be having bareback BBC breeding sessions
    and BBC gangbang parties after your first BBC experience.
    as I said, YOU WILL BE CRAVING BBC once you get BLACKED.

  7. Mmm, mmm, mmm, babe. You body is built for BBC.

    Again, give me your pussy and I will turn you into a BBC craving QoS.

    Damn you are a hottie and look delicious!

    You will be a black baby making white slut, I will sure of it.

  8. Hi Lauren,
    You should start by flirting with
    Black men you meet in public, at a restaurant, supermarket, and other places.
    You should also start dressing provocatively,
    start by not wearing panties, and no bra, and
    wearing tight sheer clothing where the black men
    can see your desire to be approached and later blacked.

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