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77 thoughts on “You only live once..

    1. I love you wearing sexy stockings for your black lover, just how i would love to watch my bbc virgin wife, on her back-legs sread wide for her black lover wearing her stockings. Please post some more sexy pics.

  1. Good girl, starting your married life as you want it to go on. A slut and whore for the superior black man, and good boi hubby, allowing her to become blacked and having the best sex ever for her with blackman on her wedding night. You will both go far, and live long and happy lives serving blackmen

  2. My congratulations beautiful girl. You married a man with many BBCs. He loves what you love. Beeing a black Slut. What a lucky girl you are? Just take care “all what shines is not gold”.
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    Hello Lovely Angel, I want to know if you prefer your man to be very DARK skin and masculine. If you do post me back here

  4. Great photos! Congratulations on your wedding. She’s beautiful.
    That’s the best way to begin a marriage. You are truly showing
    your love for her by having her enjoy such good sex as BBC sex
    is the only way she’ll ever be happy and satisfied.
    Hopefully she’ll have many interracial babies for you and her to raise.
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    Keep up the good work – and post the photos and videos.

  5. Congratulations to you both.
    You have already made her a very happy woman. please tell us about her. Age employment and previous sexual experience? I am sure she will make you both very proud.

  6. I am actually impressed that it looks like the same woman in all of the pics. She is gorgeous! Please give us more info on her.

  7. From South Africa those were the best pictures i have seen in while awesome i hope you have more to share with us…

  8. And after you got married a big black man said ‘may I kiss the bride’ and you said yes like a true gent. Then unexpectedly he led you and your good wife to your honeymoon suite where he did kiss her, before pulling down her wedding thong, followed by plunging his big hard thick black cock into her to consummate your wedding! Congratulations, you will both live happy together, but be quick now to show your loyalty and get your cock in chastity, the true show of love!
    I dream’t of this for our wedding-honeymoon night, in fact I mentioned it on our honeymoon but I was very intoxicated when I told my wife ‘I’d love you to cuck me’, and she giggled and said ‘you want a cake for me’, but it’s late at night. The following morning she was still puzzled about me wanting to get her a cake so I explained, certainly had her excited but she tells me she wants no other man, so I feel you are a very luck couple.

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  11. looks like the Seychelles to me…must be having a good time….
    that is what we do here… fulfil BBC desires fro married woman on holiday…

    let me know anytime you are in the Seychelles.

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  19. I love your photos ansd would love to see some videos of you so have you posted any on the web and if so where?

    you are just simply gorgeous!

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