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You will always want more of this

I am a young guy with one of the most biggest and strongest dick around. My dick is not everywhere and not for everybody, but for those ladies who knows the important and sweetness of having a big black bold dick in their tight horny pussies. I can fuck and romance for hours without getting tired, and I don’t do drugs. Whoever cares to know more about what I can do with my dick should contact me at

I am ready for whoever can appreciate my good job. Please don’t contact me if you are not serious about this coz I am not into any games. I mean business when it is real business. I promise I will make you scream and make you travel anywhere to fuck my dick again and feel my warm soft hands on your body.

….MichaelYou will always want more of this

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15 thoughts on “You will always want more of this

  1. Hi Michel please send some pics through my boyfriend and I would love to see that dipping deep in side me we use big black dildos so I am ready to take it in all the way… my boyfriend said he would love to see something that big fucking me all night long. I was shocked to hear that and hear we are I am a white slim and blonde we will send picture of me and my big black dildo

  2. hi im 28 wh f petite 155 cm average 45 kg nice look – if u travel to central europe and stay in hotel i visit u many days 🙂 happy – i dont want money but if u invite me to ur country pls buy ticket and give me place to stay. i can do sex with all ur friends also, but only black, not yonger than 16 y and not mor than 3 at a time.

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