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Your cuckold fantasy

You had agreed it would be a one off thing, to make all of that fanatasing a reality just once. She hadn’t even seemed all that keen. But as you saw your wife spread her legs to try and accomodate his size, heard her groans and saw her fingers clench, her back arch – you knew. She was lost to big black cock for ever.

Your cuckold fantasyYour cuckold fantasyYour cuckold fantasy

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4 thoughts on “Your cuckold fantasy

  1. i am gd looking italian man and a freak and worshiper of those beauitiful blk dks and single trying too find a single white women so we can cuckold and join together and service a bbc good does any one no a women who might want too do in phila please let me no this is my cell num thanks

  2. There ain’t nothing hotter than seeing a white man so humbled and servile in the presence of a Black Man with A Huge Cock that he is not only willing to let the The Black Man Fuck his wife but he becomes so overwhelmed and in awe of The BLack Bull’s Masculinity and Powerful Presence that he willingly and wantonly uses his child like hand (compared to the Big Black Cock) to insert it in his wife’s tight white pussy. Knowing full well that he will never be able to satisfy his wife again with his average white dick.

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