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Hubby’s Diet – interracial sex story part 2

After some drinks, we got invited to Roberts room for a night cap and although John was not interested, I insisted. John didn’t know a thing and there was no way I wasn’t going to enjoy Robert’s 12 inch cock! We settled into his suite and enjoyed some cocktails and started to dance, everyone having a nice buzz on at this point. After my third drink, i began to dance with both of them and was grinding my ass against my husbands cock while I moved Robert’s hands to my breasts. John knew what was coming and I guess he accepted the fact that he was going to share his wife with this stranger, again. In no time I was kneeling in front of Robert and soon had his huge cock removed from his pants while John watched. His cock was so big and thick, John even let out a gasp when he saw this gorgeous peice of black cock in my hands and my mouth running my tongue up and down his length. Robert watched as John stared for a moment and then casually asked he John was going to help his “lovely wife”? I nooded, and told John to come over and stroke Robert’s cock while I strained to fit his cock head into my mouth. We both were on our knees now, my husband working both of his hands on this black monster while I licked and sucked his cock. After removing the balance of our clothes, I went back to my knees as John was stroking Robert’s cock inches from his face and I moved his head closer until this huge black cock was against his lips. I whispered in his ear to suck his cock, telling him how much I wanted to see him suck Robert’s cock and that I knew how much he wanted to taste his cum. This pushed John over the edge and begand to lick the head of Robert’s cock and pushed his cock into his mouth.

After making sure John was fully occupied, I moved to Roberts firm ass and began to lick his asshole from behind, this caused him to start oozing cum juice and I heard my husband licking and lapping at his husge cock. When I stopped and moved around front, John’s face was covered in saliva and cum juice and he had 6 inches of cock stuffed down his throat. I was in need of that cock so I moved to the bed and spread my legs, letting Robert know it was time. He slowly moved his cock from my husbands mouth, stroked his huge cock with a long slow movement and let John lick the thicker pre cum that he pushed to ht etip then came to me. The feeling of having his cock inside me was amazing, he strecthed my pussy like no one had since our trip to Puerto Rico the previous year and I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into me deep. He fucked me for 30 minutes this way with my poor husband watching from inches away. Every once in a while he would pull out of my pussy and offer his cock to John and let him clean his cock. When he finally turned me over and began to fuck me from behind, I went crazy with orgasms. John moved his head underneath and licked Robert’s cock as he slammed my pussy with deep strokes. He finally came inside me and the force of his cum was something I had never experienced before, it was so har and went on for so long.

Now I understood how he could send me a full cup each week, the vials must have 4-5 ounces of cum in them each time. As slid his cock from my pussy, I could hear my husband sucking and licking for all he was worth and I moved up quickly so I could watch him drink Robert’s cum from my pussy. I turned around and moved my sopping wet pussy to his mouth, watching as the cum started to drip and then stream from my used cunt. Robert watched in amazement as John just drank it up, letting Roberts thick cum pool into his mouth and then as he sank his tongue in deeper looking for more vitamens to eat. I sucked Robert’s cock clean and let my husband clean my pussy for over 15 minutes until I was exhausted and rolled over onto the bed. As I looked down at John, he was covered in cum. His face and lips and chin were glistening and he was using his fingers to scoop it all up and into his hungry mouth. Robert laid down next to me and we began to kiss and make out, I told jim how much I needed his cock and how much I loved having him fill my pussy. While we kissed and laid together, my husband crawled up between Robert’s legs and began to softly kiss his cock, licking his long thick shaft and sucking his recently emptied balls into hi mouth. he didn’t say a word and was content to clean up my new lover until Robert’s cock began to stir and get hard again. i watched in amazement as this perfect specimen of man and cock got hard after only just minuted before filling my pussy with a huge amount of cum. We cuddled and kissed as John sucked his cock, it was obvious that John wanted to drink directly from the tap this time so we let him suck Roberts huge cock while we watched. John worked so hard to suck his cock down his throat, working it almost 8 inches down his throat and fucking his cock with long deep sucks. He continued for over 20 minutes sucking Robert’s huge black cock, stroking it, licking it and deep throating it all the while begging for Robert to cum for him. Eventually, Robert stood up and let John kneel in front of him as he got close to cumming. i moved to the floor next to my husband and watched him beg for his desert, telling me how much he wanted to swallow Robert’s cum. I told him he bettre not waste a drop or I was going to never allow him Roberts’ cock again. He didn’t disappoint anyone, when Robert strated to cum to told John to open his mouth wide and began to shoot his cum straight into John’s waiting mouth. He stroked it and shot three long streams of beautiful cum into John’s mouth and then made sure he got every last drop out of his cock beofre he let John swallow. I watched as my husband slowly swallowed my lovers cum and then went back to his cock to suck any cum that remained from his thick cock. We stayed the night and Robert was able to fuck me two more times, each time filling me with his cum and each time we allowed my husband to eat from my used pussy. John doesn’t want to slow down anymore, so Robert and my other lovers wll be back to fucking my and filling my pussy with lots of cum from now on. It is an integral part of John’s diet now.

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