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26 thoughts on “Knocked up

  1. Yo if that’s yo wife she hot. And it’s cool if she bangs others. But u be a fool to pay child support. If u need more advice send 20.00 to my account. Lol

  2. Dude, a lot depends on when she told you she’d stopped putting out–before or after she became preggo. In her current condition, of course, it doesn’t matter much anyway. You might as well tell her to take on men as she wants, but have them wear condoms for hygiene purposes.

  3. Congratulations on having
    a (hopefully) interracial child.
    It’s the white man’s responsibility
    and obligation to support the black
    race both through our taxes and
    individually when our white BBC
    slut wives become preggo.
    Great Photos!

  4. Uaaaau

    Congratulations, John! This is amazing !!!

    My dream is to get pregnant by a BBC, my boyfriend also supports me with this idea. Cheers

  5. Oh yeah my beautiful white wife Denise and I love to have black men fuck her and gangbang her as often as possible and she’s always being fucked by them without any protection and afterwards I eat her pussy and ass out and they use her as they’re bbc cumslut and whore and she’s always saying how much she loves being fucked by their huge black cocks and saying she’s their white whore and a couple of months ago they brought a young black teen over for me to fuck and my wife is pregnant with a black mans baby and the black girl wanted me to get her pregnant and now both are pregnant with mixed babies and my wife and I are getting divorced but will still be living together and I’m getting married to the black girl and we all love each other and my white wife has made a few videos of her being gangbanged by black men

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