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Ready and Willing

Hot blonde young wife has fantasy for big thick black cock shes now ready to loose her black cock virginity.
She will dress a total slut for you,do anything you require all we ask is she be fucked like the naughty blonde slut she is.
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Looking for REAL MEN for my fiance

We are getting married in Jul. However, for her to be happily married with me she needs to be fucked by real BBC men all the time. Contact me at passionatedaddy at yah00 com. We are in AZ but she can travel over weekends for the right dick. I travel a lot for work and have sufficient miles to get free tickets for her (or for you if you want us to host)
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We married, separated, sex others and sexed each other

I met my wife when she was 19. She was the sexiest woman I had ever met. We both loved to have sex with other from the very first night we met. We had been dating for about four months when she got pregnant and we decided to get married and start a family together. By the time we were married and our daughter was six months old, she was 21 and i was 25.
After about six months of marriage my wife had her first affair with a friend of ours and I found out about it. For the next few months we argued and fought because she was too scared to admit the truth to me and she kept denying anything was happening.
Our marriage was in trouble and she started going out with her girlfriends. One night she went out and didn’t come home till 11O’Clock the next morning. When she arrived home she said that she had stayed at her friends house and then went for a shower.
While she was in the shower I checked her phone and noticed that she had phoned a guy at 2:30am. I quickly wrote down the number and went across the road to the shops and used a pay phone to call the number. When the guy answered I told him that my wife had told me that she had spent the night with him. The guy she was with was a black American and was shocked to hear from me but I lied and told him that we have an open relationship and we do this kind of thing all time. I told him I just wanted to know if he enjoyed fucking my wife and asked him a few questions. I went back to our house and never said a word to my wife. Our daughter was at her grandmothers house for the weekend and suggested we go to the beach for the afternoon. On the way out to the beach in the car I told her that I rang they guy she was with last night and that he admitted everything. My wife went pale white and started trembling. She did not know what to do or say. I told her that I only wanted her to be honest with me and if she told me the truth I would be ok and we could work things out. She initially was very frightened but as we were driving I kept telling her that I wanted to hear the truth and that she was not in any danger. She started to open up and tell me details about what happened the night before and the more she told me the more questions I asked her. She asked me to stop questioning her and that she felt uncomfortable telling me intimate detail. We married, separated, sex others and sexed each other

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Looking for A Guy

My wife is Filipino we’re in LA area interested in trying some bbc, nothing wild strange or to rough. What do you think? Don’t know if she can handle it or not all she’s had is a small white dick. Tell us if you’re in the area and if you’re interested.Looking for A Guy (more…)

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My ex black boyfriend fucked me again

Lucky for us, Axel our black friend, fucked me again the last friday. We had sex twice. Once in missionary and the other with me sat over him. In missionary I cummed first, so Axel felt my pussy a little soft. He asked my hubby to put one of his fingers into his butt to receive prostate massage. My hubby stimulated his prostate and Axel filled my pussy immediately.
The second time I sat over him and I begged my hubby to suck my nipples while Axel fucked me. In that way we could cum together! It was an amazing pleasure for me.My ex black boyfriend fucked me again (more…)

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