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curious gf

My gf is curvy, fun, outgoing and open-minded. She is so sweet and sexy, and has an incredible figure. Lately we have talked about her being with her first black man and she loves the idea. So if you’re a gentleman with an aggressive side, over 40, well-endowed, you may be in luck!

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My Asian Girlfriend is Obsessed with Big Black Cocks

I’m Tim and this is my gorgeous girlfriend Jessica. We’re a young Asian couple living in San Francisco.. We’re both 20. I met her in high school and we dated ever since. She’s only been with a few Asian men and she tells me I’m the biggest she’s ever had, but I’m not very big at all as you can see. Her obsession with black cocks started only two months ago, when we were watching porn together on my laptop. There was an ad for dick enlargement pills that had a huge black veiny cock featured. She literally gasped and said "oh my fucking god, why is it so big? Is it the pills?" I laughed, kinda uneasy because my dick is much smaller and said something I shouldn’t have. "It’s probably because he’s black." She had heard the rumors but never believed them and couldn’t believe they got that big. She wanted to see if it was true so she immediately started looking up big black cock videos and fingered herself for over two hours to amateur bbc porn. I’ve never made her cum with my cock but now whenever she watches a little Asian chick struggling to take a black cock and she can cum if I eat her while she’s doing it. She never knew she was a squirter until she started watching interracial porn. We’ll still fuck and she’ll still blow me but she calls it my lil pee pee now, usually with a smile. She’ll bring up black cocks, mandingo and so on in everyday conversation but she’s really shy around people, so I don’t think she’d cheat, even though I’ve noticed her staring at black guys in public. She found this site the other day and asked me to post her to see if there are any big black guys in our area. She could probably find one herself but she wants me to find the big black cock that’s gonna make her cum hard. I’m really not sure how to feel about all this but I know I’ve already kinda lost her to bbc. She has a really tight pussy, even for an Asian girl. I mean, I stretch her some, so I’m not sure if a black dick would fit at least.

Asian Girlfriend is Obsessed with Big Black Cocks (more…)

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Shephard Girl

I have had many black men. I love them. Their cocks reach into a level inside of me-and bring the real me out. They do it as people-now as lovers. They put the truth on the line for many men-and leave nothing to guess. Indeed it is the Black King Conquest. The white women they make love to are like an extension of them -the true connection. They are like ying and yang-complete. Answering questions we all ask-we all have. Taking the power that belongs to them and claiming the truth.-White men did much to black men. So all that can be said is-Karma.Get aboard as cucholds white men-or you will lose-even what you think was yours-especially your women.

Shephard Girl

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