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Love stranger BBC

This is my wife’s beautiful pussy. She loves getting fucked by guys with thick cocks, its usually black guys. We love meeting new guys in pubs and bars, bringing them home and fucking them in front of me. She loves it, I love it too. After we kick them out we fuck like crazy. I love feeling that stretched out pussy!

Love stranger BBC (more…)

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Is my wife worthy of bbc?

Hi all. New hwre names Evan.This is my wife Stefanie. Just thought I’d post a pic of her. For the time being this is just fantasy. We haven’t explored yet fully. We’ve only begun to watch ir porn together and that was weird on my part leading up. Hope to go further and one day make reality. She is a bit reserved and subtle with her sexuality. Although she can be open at times. I’ll Be posting more of her soon, hopefully I can convince her to share more intimate photos.for now I will share this one of her. Please comment on what you think, what you do to her, and if you want please tribute and photoshop.. thanks I’m on the forum under @wboy1396ph

Is my wife worthy of bbc

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