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BayBaby Becky – needing BBC in San Jose, CA

On the prowl for BBC, but not any BBC. A few requirements: Have to be local, not “I come to Cali twice a month”{ garbage. Local Bay Area, that means Stockton and Sac-town are out, and just don’t from SoCal (although many of you have incredible cocks). Local, over 6ft under the height of a small tree, well built/in-shape (sorry no big teddy bears and no to the intertubes around the belly). Hair on the head is preferred, no drama, no disease, no Phat Farm Jeans with cars that bounce and tilt and gold teeth, or corn-rows. Maybe once in college it was cool but we are a white couple (yes couple) in a white neighborhood , try and fit in and try and fit in my vagina which is perhaps the most important qualifier – if you are under 8”, I would just fuck my husband. Come long and thick and see if you can humble me. Some say “Oh, you want a pornstar dick, there isn’t a lot of that around so will this work (shows his 7.9” dick that he calls 8.5’. you know who you are. : ). Anyway, if that’s a pornstar dick, the leads get busy Dredd – your cock is just right qos

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