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Wife finally tried black cock

I tried for years to get my wife to go black and she refused. She finally gave in when one of her friends told her she had done it and how good it was. My wife and her friend went out for a few drinks the other evening and were soon hit on by two black guys who started buying them shots . The next thing my wife knew they were back at the guys hotel room where in no time she said they were fucking. All four in one bed. She said it was the best sex she has ever had and wishes she had done it sooner. Now she says she is addicted to black cock and she hopes I don’t mind because I created this and she isn’t about to stop. Here are a few pictures of my newly created black cock slut wife.

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loves BBC more than anything else

blonde, horny, white wife for big black cocks only!
she lets all of her bfs ram their huge black dicks in her pussy and between her
asscheeks into her tight, little butthole!
she loves it when BBC cum in her tight ass! she lets all of the black bulls nut in her pink pussy! she’s a slut!

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PAWG Wife Tricia Wants More Than I Can Give

It’s been a few months but I’m back with an update on my phat ass wife Tricia. I posted back in June because I thought that my wife, who’s usually dismissive of black men, almost to the point of racism, secretly wanted to know if the rumors of black men having huge cocks were true. Well, it turns out she’s done a little homework of her own and has started watching interracial porn while bouncing her phat ass on a thick black dildo she got as a gag gift from her sister. I came home early from work one day and as I was walking in I heard her on the verge of screaming in the next room as she brought her full weight down on the thick black dildo. There was Mandingo fucking some big booty pornstar on the living room tv but she was ignoring it, her eyes closed, focusing on her tight little pussy stretched around all that girth. Every ten pumps or so she’d groan in a way I’d never heard before and squirt around the base of the thick black tool. I honestly just enjoyed the show for a while, snapping a couple of pictures on my phone, before I backed out and left. I don’t think she knew I was there, but I won’t know until I ask her lol. I do know that she has brought up how she really can’t feel my thin 4.5 inches and often skips sex and night now, preferring to suck me off and use her vibrator til she cums. I know she probably would prefer to bounce on the dildo in her closet but she would be mortified if I knew her dirty little craving.

I’m planning on showing her this site eventually and how many black guys there are with huge cocks that love to fuck married white women with or without the knowledge of their husbands. I’m honestly wondering if she’s fucked black guys at her work because she talks about how much attention she gets from them (usually complaining) so I don’t think so. However, I’m thinking the real thing would be a lot better than what I or a piece of plastic can give her.

PAWG Wife Tricia Wants More Than I Can Give (more…)

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