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2 black in 1 night

After a night of dancing and drinking, it was very obvious that the black guys at the party were very interested in my wife. She had only been with one black man before this night and she was ready for another or two. As she danced and flirted with all the guys, she made her decision on two men at the party. The first was a young black man in his 20’s and the second was a black man in his 40’s. We tried to get both of these men to come back to our room at the same time but they were a little nervous about doing that since they did not know each other. So we made arrangements for the young guy to come to the room first then a couple of hours later the older man would come.
The first two pics are of the young guy. He had a 9 inch cock that was hard as a rock. She was so hot taking every inch of his black cock in her mouth and when he started fucking her, he was like a jack hammer. He pounded her little white pussy for an hour straight. And when he finally got off, he put a heavy load of cum all over her tits. When it was over, we had a drink, exchanged info and he left. As she was cleaning herself up I called the next guy.
When he showed up she was ready for another hard fucking from a big black cock, and that is exactly what she got. The next 4 pics of are him. When he dropped his pants he was packing a thick 10 inch hunk of meat. She quickly wrapped her lips around it, trying to take it all in her mouth which she was unable to do. Although her white cunt had been fucked hard already it was still too tight for him. It took at least 30 minutes of him licking, fingering and sticking the head of his dick in and out her before her pussy was ready. When he finally got the head all the way in, he threw the dick to her all the way to his balls. After a few minutes of trying to catch her breathe, she started to fuck him back. He fucked her every way he knew how, he keep a finger in her ass and twice he tried to stick his big cock in her ass, but it would never go. When he was ready to come, he laid on his back and she started eating his cock. She jacked and sucked as hard as she could and when he finally blew his load, she took a massive amount of hot cum not only in her mouth but down her throat.
We are in contact with both of these hot hung black men and we are trying to set up a meeting with them again, only next time they will both be fucking my wife at the same time.2 black in 1 night2 black in 1 night2 black in 1 night2 black in 1 night2 black in 1 night2 black in 1 night

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