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I would like to know If you hit this?

Hey, this is my wife of many years. I have fantasy of a black stud drilling the hell out of her. I have talked to her about it but she is not interested. The funny thing is we were talking about BBC the other night and when i asked to check her pussy it was completely wet. If you are reading this tell me what you dod to my wife . would you be interested in having sex with my wife? Would you fuck her till the both of you couldn’t any more? lol. I really would like to hear your story maybe by me telling my wife these stories this she will motivate her.I would like to know If you hit this?

5 thoughts on “I would like to know If you hit this?

    1. Hi . I’m a married white woman looking for a black bull for first time . My 5’5 big tits and little over weight. But I do like it dirty . Your white little slut

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