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Blk Master for white females & cuck

Now this is for all you White females, and Her Cucks. I am a Blac Dom Master. ISO lots of you too come to me in person, not in cyberspace either. For the only purposes of serving me, worshipping my Black cock, donation of your White Wives for my sexually pleasures, breeding of all of them, and where all of you cuck will pay for all of them. Total & complete ownership of all you, and pay cucks, pays me for ownership of both of you.
It is ‘high’ time that all you cucks, understands that none of are worth the money the paper is wrote on, and you females, wants too be pleasured by a Blk man all of the time, and it is your duty too
provide all of them to me for useage, and your abuse. I enjoys reading all of your messages, and how all of you whining, about not being about too please her in bed.
So this is where I cums in……… Once all of you bring her too me, better yet; once all of you relocates too me. so that I can have your females with me all of the time, naked in my bed, and where you cucks, works, bring me the money, and all of you are dressed as sluts, whores, & Fr. Maids, just too watch me, prepare her cock, prepare my pussy, and once I am done, you are on your knees, slurping her clean. So if you are a young White Cucks, with a wife; or a White cuck with females, all of you needs too read this message, and do what I am demanding from you………. so your wife and White females, can enjoy sex with a real man all of the timeBlk Master for white females & cuckBlk Master for white females & cuck

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11 thoughts on “Blk Master for white females & cuck

  1. Hey sir…. I am I mean we are into this! My wife has held off sex with me till I find her a BBC to take care of her and she told me I would have to honor her new man. I am well off financially and I guess I have no choice but to give in to her and probably you? Let me know sir.

  2. I Have A Friend Husband. Looking To Have his wife TRAINED By A BLACK MASTER
    A WIMP! His Wife A VIRGIN? IF Interested Please contact ME ASAP For
    WIMP HUBBY E-Mail Address ! I will Send Picture Photo of His VIRGIN WIFE
    For Your TASTE!

  3. I Am Back For My French Wimp Fantasy To Have His French Virgin Wife Slut Trained By An Aggressive Dominate BBC Master. That Will Take Sexual Control With Both Of Them As You Sexual Treat His French Virgin As You Wish For Your Needs And Wants Of Having Her as Your BBC Nasty Cum Slut Slave? He Is Begging Desperately To Have A BBC Master Sexually Degrade His French Virgin As His OWN PROPERTY? I Will Send You This French Virgin Picture Photo If Your Interested In Viewing? With Brand New photo She Has Taken?

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