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Cheating cougar – interracial sex

Cheating cougar encouraged her husband to start working second shift.
He doesn’t get home until after midnight Guys. You have hours to use me like a cheap piece of fuckmeat
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2 thoughts on “Cheating cougar – interracial sex

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  2. Some women simply have a yen for “forbidden” sex, and their husbands know it, and that it’s useless to try to change their character. So, often the hubs play along by giving them the opportunity to express their inner slut, but they’ll pretend to be unaware of what’s going on. It’s possible this wife’s husband went along with changing his whole work schedule exactly so she could make herself available to BBC–and have the extra sex thrill of thinking she was getting away with it. And of course, this’ll give him the excuse to get some outside pussy for himself.

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