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Could be ideal – sex story

Could be ideal an ideal sexually satisfying kinky and loving husband wife marriage to me would involve all of this a cuckold marriage but without any master sub domination, ours would be mutual sexual desires with both parties in agreement.

Hot fit in shape wife loves and lusts for us to arrange a group of trusting clean well hung black men to gang up on her very often, at least weekly, maybe more, wifes desire is to entertain a group of men as I watch, her primal urge is to be sexually satified herself my multiple hung dicks all taking their turn on her, she would love and lust to be a hotwife cumslut doing men we trust bareback taking her fill to savor taste and for the intense pleasure that creampies give a woman.

Even without being bossed or ordered she would love and lust for the husband to go down and lick out her filled pussy because soft lips after being pumped and filled hard would be pleasing and her cuckold desires would be intense for a willing creampie eating husband.
Could be ideal - sex story
One man or a separate lover is not to her liking as her passion is for the group aspect of being a cuckold wife doing multiple men.

She would love to use multiple toys almost daily, vibes, dongs, etc.

She would have intense desire to do her husband daily and nightly herself with a strap on of her choice, her lust is to give it to him with intensity the way hung friends give it to her, she would love to use multiple toys at same time while using strap on to bring her to orgasms while she does hubby.

She would love dress scantily sexy when appropriate and around the house, on the property, in private places, and even some safe public places she would love to be nude or dressed so scantily that she is almost nude for whoever could see.
Could be ideal - sex story
She would love for us to have special days in which she the hotwife stays nude all day long, including housework, kitchen duty, yardwork, and even greeting ups, fedex guys bringing mail or guys called for maintenance duty, she would not want to have sex with anyone without knowing they are safe tested, but knowing hubby or friends are there for safety she would tease whoever shows up by showing off her body, being a hot tease to others appeals to her funny bone.

Although ours would be a cuckold marriage it would not involve either dominating the other, ours would be about sexual mutual desires that cuckold couples do.

She would like watching other female bodies, maybe having desires for her to be another woman or women, and possibly having a private girlfriend for girl to girl fun, maybe a local hotwife like her.

When hung friends are not over to entertain her we would be a couple that takes care of the house together, watches tv, goes to movies, restaurants, cooks dinner together, plans vacation and fun weekend romps together, calling on family and friends together, go walk the shopping mall, devote time to non-sexual hobbies, we would be a fun loving couple in all ways of life, with the exception she loves group sex by multiple men, and she loves doing the strap on a daily/nightly basis.

Even with all the fun listed above we would be discreet enough to keep all of our sexual interests from family and co-workers and some friends.

To people who not know we are a cuckold couple they would think we are a fun loving couple doing lots of things together and after all is over for the day / night we would both love to cuddle kiss and hold each other.

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