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Cuck watches wife

I don’t know why my wife wants me there when her and her well hung lover fuck! She talked me into being a cuckold, but one of her demands was that I always be there, but as soon as I saw her lover’s huge cock, I had second, even had thoughts! The sight of his huge, thick shaft disappearing into my wife’s beautiful body was too much!
She just laughed and said that made her orgasms even more powerful, watching how much this hurt me! So now every time he is over, I have to watch, and it destroys me every time! And when he comes inside her, his balls contracting obscenely as he shoots his sperm deep inside her to parts I will never reach with my little dick-ie…

Well, at least my wife doesn’t suspect that I, too, come in my hand at the sight…

Or does she…?

Cuck watches wife

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